Sealing & Crack Sealing

“Darren and the entire team at Cottage Country Paving are a pleasure to work with. They are one of my preferred subcontractors, and I am truly grateful for their dedication to my projects.”

Cottage Country Paving uses the highest quality pavement sealing products!

Sealing a parking lot or driveway that is showing some signs of age is a great way to maximize the life of otherwise sound asphalt. Sealing a solid, but somewhat worn asphalt surface offers protection and will make your property look it’s best helping to make the driveway, parking lot or other asphalt surfaces more visually appealing.

Pavement is a costly investment and over time can develop cracks due to tree trunks or freezing and thawing during winter and spring.  Water infiltrating through cracks causes rapid deterioation of the pavement and ground underneath causing untreated cracks to multiply.  The result is expensive repairs and reconstruction. Speak to us today about sealing your driveway, parking lot or road cracks.


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